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DataNex cares for all your voice, visual and data streaming needs

With over 20 years in the telecoms and data business, DataNex understands the progressive and increasing complex demands we all place on our information technology. Agile communications and secure networks require a robust infrastructure.

Based in Hertfordshire, we regularly travel to all corners of the UK to install, troubleshoot, rectify, and upgrade voice, data, audio and visual sharing across your whole organisation.

Working logically and in sequence, we can offer bespoke solutions and support to you and your staff, and liaise with other providers in your business such as, IT software, mail and internet, security, access, and telecoms (PSTN - landline, fibre optic, ISDN 30)

If you are moving to a new location, allow us to document and duplicate so you are up and running and doing familiar operations as soon as possible.

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